New City Phoenix - is an intentional multicultural and community development nonprofit that is embedded in an under resourced neighborhood in South Phoenix. Our passion is to see our community go from being marginalized to becoming healthier. Our hope is to inspire our at risk youth to become passionate about owning their life circumstances through becoming learners and leaders that make a difference in their families and communities. Yes this can be both exciting, messy, scary and rewarding as you see someone with very little discover basic life skills and become self-sustainable! 

New City Phoenix is part of the Presbyterian Church in America, and also part of an association of mercy churches and nonprofits, Christian Community Development Association, We seek to bring Biblical truth in a wholistic fashion into our neighborhood to see lives transformed. We believe that it's important to understand racial, socio-economic and cultural nuances when it comes to working in multi-ethnic community and world!


  • Passion for life, learning and leadership!
  • Volunteerism and partnership.
  • Holistic approach to building and promoting the family unit in Phoenix.
  • Strategic nurturing of indigenous leadership for both youth and seniors.
  • Pursuing social justice and mercy in our service areas.
  • Promotion of self-responsibility, self-sustainability and healthy inter-dependence with family and peers.
  • Seeking to respect and understand the racial, cultural and religious backgrounds of those in our community. 

Interns & Volunteers:

  • New City has College interns who get credit from ASU or GCU for their partnership with our program. We also have ongoing college students who are pursing doing work with at risk population or nonprofit work. We are also fortunate to have many adults who volunteer both for our at risk programs and community programs. 

Get involved! Discover the difference that you can have in the life of a kid, teen or grandma. Your life will never be the same as you learn from someone from a totally different cultural and socio-economic setting.